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C-Class Cross-Connect Issues

New Member

C-Class Cross-Connect Issues

Hi - I am having a few issues with the cross-connects (gi0/23 & gi/024).

I have a c-class enclosure with two 3020 switches at either end of the backplane. Gi0/20 on each of these is trunked to a 6513 core switchGi0/23 & 24 are configured as switchport mode access, on a management VLAN.

When I shutdown one of the core uplinks I still get pings to both of the 3020 switches but a server plugged into the enclosure loses it's LAN connectivity. We have p-class enclosures configured in the same way elsewhere and shutting down an uplink just results in a packet or two dropped before the other switch takes over and re-establishes LAN connectivity.

Any ideas?

Tony Smith