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Re: c3000 and loud fan noise

New Member

c3000 and loud fan noise

Ok, I have exhausted just about everything. Here is my problem and where I stand.

I have a c3000 running one Onboard Administrator
I have 2 bl460c G6's with 2 SV40c's.
1 Cisco 3020

I have upgraded all of the firmwares to the latest and greatest.

Here is my problem.

1.) Without the 3020 installed my fans run at a whispering 28%. When I install the 3020 the thing sounds like a jet ready for take off the fans shoot up to 61%. Any help would be outstanding....
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Re: c3000 and loud fan noise

Amazing :)

I guess that's two SB40c.

And I suppose you upgraded the firmware on the Cisco 3020 as well?

What slot do you have it in? Maybe if you put it in the slot next to it?
There are requirements where you are allowed to put the different kind of interconnect modules, is it in a correct one?

Do you have blanks/covers for all slots, blades, etc?
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Re: c3000 and loud fan noise

Was it all working and running quiet before the firmware upgrades?

Have you looked in the OA logs?

The fans will sometimes spin up when the OA sees errors with a blade or I/O module.
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Re: c3000 and loud fan noise


Most probably the issue is with the fan configuration. I suggest you read the enclosure's manual to see the fan's positioning.

See the OA for any indication.

Hope that helps,

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Re: c3000 and loud fan noise

We've got similar issues. I think there is a fan issue with the C3000's.. We've got 2BL460's.. and it sounded like a jet plane taking off at times.

We moved the BL460s from slots 1 and 2 to slots 2 and 6.. The problem has gone away. It seemed like the temps where high on the BL460s if they were in the bottom slots.. If you are using bays 1 and 5, maybe move your devices and see if that helps. It did for us.

We still have weird fan messages once in awhile - but have been living with it. We've also worked with C7000's and have seen none of these issues.

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Re: c3000 and loud fan noise

Also make sure you are running OA firmware 3.21..

There was an issue fixed where:

â  Fixed an issue where the Onboard Administrator continuously logged I/O module temperature alerts when a Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3020 for HP was installed in a BladeSystem c3000 Enclosure. (1001064683)

This would cause the fans to run high.
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Re: c3000 and loud fan noise

Is there a fix for this.  We just got a new c3000 with 3020 switches, and 4 of the 6 fans are always at 61%.  Eject the switches the fans immediately drop to ~32%.  


My OA's are at 3.56 and the 3020 switches are to update as well.


Thanks for your time and support,