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c3000 rack mount kit

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c3000 rack mount kit

Question from Scott:




Part number 461384-B21 is listed as the c3000 enclosure rack mount kit. 

Is that all that is required to mount the c3000 – meaning is there anything else shipped with enclosure that is needed?




Info from Rick:




That part 461384-B21 is the shipping brackets for the c3000. You would order that if the c3000 is being shipped inside a rack.

The c3000 includes the required rack rails.

You can see a description in the Setup and Install Guide:

The c3000 would have to be the rack version. If it’s the tower I don’t believe there is a conversion kit.




Comments? Questions?

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Re: c3000 rack mount kit



I know this is an old post but I have just spent a month trying to figure out what I needed to convert a C3000 Tower unit to a rack. i.e. I went looking for a Tower to Rack Conversion kit.


It does not exist, but that is because a C3000 Tower is a C3000 Rack unit in a Rack to Tower conversion kit. Note the subtle difference. If you attack the tower with a small flat blade screw driver you will reveal the rack unit. Start with the top black lid and undo the thumb screw. Then remove the screws from the top plate and the black side panel which is attached to the top section will slide and release. Invert the case and on the bottom (wheels facing up) remove 6 or so screws. You end up with 3 pieces that cover the rack mount casing. Lay the case flat and it is ready to fit the rack mounting kit / rails.


I just need to figure out the rack mounting kit part numbers.


Hope this helps / saves someone some time.