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C7000 best practices guides

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C7000 best practices guides

I will be installing a C7000 blade center with 8 x BL465C G7 blades, two Flex-10 modules, two Brocade 8/24 fabric switches with a A5820 switch.   I will have all 8 ports of both Flex-10s connected with DAC cables to the A5820.  Each blade will use one port on both Flex-10 modules and one port on both Brocades for bandwidth.   I am looking for the best practices for the configuration.  


1.) Do I team/trunk the two connections on the A5820 for each blade to get 20 Gbps bandwidth dedicated to each blade? 

2.) I will be configuring my current servers onto the A5280 and A5800-48G-POE switches to transition over to the C7000.  Do I need to setup IRF differently for the 4 subnets of the current network?   I will be moving all four current subnets into VLANs on the A5800s.

3.) Do any best practices guides exist for all this hardware? 

4.) I will be tagging my existing servers into each subnet.   What do I need to do with the C7000 virtual servers that I am configuring?


I will be getting critical advantage software and hardware Carepaq support.