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c7000 DC to AC Conversion - what components are required?

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c7000 DC to AC Conversion - what components are required?

Lawrence was looking for some validation:




I have a Telco customer who is considering moving all their c7000 chassis from their existing DC datacenter to another datacenter that has AC power only.


They are wondering what components need to be purchased to convert from DC to AC.  Part numbers would be really handy so that they can cost up this exercise and put forward a proposal to their management to move a number of enclosures.


I had a look at the old emails below but still need help, as they were going in the opposite direction to what my customer is contemplating.


Any help would be much appreciated.




Some help from Trung:




To convert an existing DC powered c7000 chassis to single phase AC power, these are the components that need to be ordered per chassis assuming chassis is fully populated with high powered Gen8 blades


Chassis components:


  1. Power supplies - HP p/n 733460-B21 – Qty of 6 x 2650 Watt Platinum Hot Plug Field installable Power Supply Kit.  This kit includes 6 x C19-C20 2.0 Jumper Cords.


  1. Power module for chassis – HP p/n 677595-B21 – Qty of 1 single phase Field installable Single phase Intelligent Power module.  This module has intelligent power monitoring capabilities.  There is a cheaper, non-managed power module option available if no power monitoring is required.


Rack components:


  1.  Power distribution units – there is a lot of options here, depending on how many enclosures are required in one rack.  Need more information about the layout.


I believe that is all that is required. The only other thing is to perform a cosmetic change in the OA CLI to display the correct power input as single phase.







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Re: c7000 DC to AC Conversion - what components are required?



HP is suggesting that HP customers use a certified electricians to have these power connections changed. HP cannot be held accountable for any issues that might occur during this change.


The AC Power Infrastructure consists of the following two pieces:


  • AC Input Module (3 phase or single phase)
  • AC Power Supply's (1-6)

The DC Power  Infrastructure consists of the following two pieces:


  • HP BLc7000 -48V DC PowerInput Module SKU/OptionPart: AH331A
  • HP c7000 Enclosure 2250W Hot-Plug -48V DC Power Supply SKU: AH332A (1-6 pcs)

For DC Power, the commonly used Power Redundancy is N+1 instead of AC-Redundant for AC Power. For that reason, a customer that is having six Power Supplies in an AC infrastructure could use N+1 for his DC infrastructure so that only four DC Power Supplies are needed.


Install the power supplies based on the total number of Power Supplies needed:


  • Two powersupplies: Bays 1 and 4
  • Three powersupplies: Bays 1, 2, and 4
  • Four powersupplies: Bays 1, 2, 4, and 5
  • Five powersupplies: Bays 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
  • Six power supplies: All bays

AC Input Module


Single-phase AC input module : 413494-001
Three-phase AC input module, North America and Japan : 413495-001
Three-phase AC input module, international : 413496-001

 Power supply


HP BladeSystem c7000 Power Supply : 411099-001
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