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c7000 management ip address best practice

New Member

c7000 management ip address best practice

I am new to HP c7000 and have a couple of questions. (I have worked with IBM bc in the past). The c7000 have 4 internal cisco switches.

1) Is it best practice to configure the cisco switches with IP's in the same subnet as the OA? and also the blade ILO ips? What if the switches are in stacking mode? which means that there will be one logical ip for the stack. (instead of each switch) ??

Reason Im asking is I had problems putting the IP address on the switches using ebipa from the OA (complained that dhcp had to expire) so assigned it manually on the cisco (same ip but different vlan). In previous installs we assigned a seperate ip/vlan to the switch, enabled protected mode and shut down this internal port.

2) I noticed there is an internal management port between the switch and the management module (fastethernet0), are there any risk of spanning tree loops if the cisco switch and the alo is connected to the same switch/vlan? Can we disable the internal port completely?