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c7000 midplane bandwidth maximum

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c7000 midplane bandwidth maximum

Samuel had a midplane question:




Is there any documentation listing the limitation of bandwidth over a single copper trace on the c7000 mid-plane?


I believe in a training for Infiniband c-class switches I heard the trace limit is 96Gb, but as of now have been unable to locate any document confirming this.




Reply from Dan:




Here is a Doc that covers the nitty gritty of the c7000 and it has specirfics around this.


HP BladeSystem c-Class architecture


First half or so of the doc spends a lot of time on Midplane and signaling.


Overall the midplane (today) had 5 terabits per second.




Any other comments or questions?

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Re: c7000 midplane bandwidth maximum



This question was made long ago, but I'm surely that will serve someone.


HP BladeSystem design.

  ...midplane with aggregate bandwidth of up to 7 Tbps...

(August 2014)


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