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c7000 OA with KVM question

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c7000 OA with KVM question

I'm trying to use a c7000 OA with KVM, but I can't get to any of the server screens. The blades all show up as "unknown" on the OA KVM screen, and when I hit enter it never switches to the blade's screen.

I don't have any ip addresses set up for the OA or iLo on any of the blades - do they have to be configured for this to work?
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Re: c7000 OA with KVM question

Hi Kurt,

Yes you do need to either configure your iLO interfaces with static IPs (this can be done via Enclosure Bay IP Addressing) or make a DHCP server available to them.

The OA IP address can be configured with the panel on the front of your enclosure, or again by allowing it to access a DHCP server.

The OA uses an network internal to the enclosure to access video for the blades, so without IPs your KVM connection on the OA won't do anything.

If you need to configure blades without doing this you can use a SUV cable to connect a monitor and keyboard to the front of most blades.

Good luck, if you appreciate the answers we appreciate the points!
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Re: c7000 OA with KVM question

Configure OA and VC module first. Then you need to get the ILO IP to access blade console.