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C7000 power density circuit question

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C7000 power density circuit question

We are in the process of evaluating a new standard for our company.
One of our engineering groups has IBM Blade Center H Class systems and are running 2 full populated chassis (28 blades) on a 2x of 30 amp 208 volt circuits in a primary redundant configuration

My question is could we get 2 C7000 fully populated enclosures(32 blades) on the same circuit configuration ?? With no risk to over subscription ?? Does anyone out there run a similar configuration with the C7000 ??

Blade spec for both types are listed below:

2 x Intel Xeon 5148 2.33GHz Dual Core
2 x 72GB 10RPM SAS drives mirrored by onboard RAID controller.
dual GB network card, for a total of 2 network interfaces per blade.

Thanks for the help
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Re: C7000 power density circuit question

HP has a tool to calculate the power needed by a blade enclosure. You can find it here:

Also, check HP BladeSystem c-Class Site Planning Guide

You don't say what I/O switches you're going to use, but taking as a guide the examples on that guide, each enclosure will need about 5000 W.