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Re: CGESM firmware update

New Member

CGESM firmware update

I'm trying to upgrade firmware on a CGESM via TFTP. I'm somewhat a bit stuck as it was working and as far as I'm aware, nothing in the network topology has changed.

The network is a flat subnet, both TFTP server and the device can ping each other, and they are both in the same subnet.

Thing is, I get timeouts when I try to download the image, retrying immediately after works sometimes, but then it tries to download again, unsuccessfully.

After that, it tries to extract it, saying something like "update/info not found" invalid IOS image.

These images are downloaded from the HP website.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Honored Contributor

Re: CGESM firmware update


Have you tried the CGESM web interface to update the IOS? All you have to do uis connect to the web interface, browse to the IOS tar file and it will update the IOS. No TFTP server is required.

If only using CLI, make sure you are using the "archive download-sw" command