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changing power mode


changing power mode

I currently have 4 power supplies installed and the power mode is 2 plus 2 configuration, this is fine for the 4 blades I have installed but found that I am short power and cannot turn on 2 new g8 blades( for a total of 6)

I have bought a new power supply and would like to place it in and change the power mode to power supply redundant, so kinda like an online spare


in this config the system would use 4 power supplies to supply power to the 6 blades and have an active spare


my question is can all this be done one an active system or will changng the power mode force the blades to reset there power?


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Re: changing power mode

You should be able to do that online.  Just add the power supply and change the mode in your power supply options in the OA.


The OA will warn you if there will be some kind of power interruption by your changes, so you can back out at that point if needed.  But changing the power mode shouldn't do anything to your running chassis.