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Convert existing c7000 from 3 phase to 1 phase

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Convert existing c7000 from 3 phase to 1 phase

Johan was looking for info on doing a chassis conversion for input power:



Would it be possible to convert an existing c7000 enclosure from 3 phase to single phase?  I’ve found this spare part (Single-phase AC input power module (FIO) 413494-001), but

-          Is this all the hardware that’s needed?

-          Do we need to change settings in the enclosure (does the enclosure ‘know’ that it’s 3 phase)?

-          Will we run into issues with support?

-          Any other issues?



Ted provided info:


Here is the process


Appendix D : converting power in a c-class enclosure

Converting a Single Phase c7000 Enclosure to 3-Phase Enclosure and a 3-Phase Enclosure to a Single

Phase Enclosure.

To do a conversion the appropriate Spare Part number must be ordered through spares. In North America

Service Spares can be ordered through the HP Parts Store at:

Local spare parts stores and spares distributors for other regions can be found at

Use the table below to order the correct spare part to replace the original module.

Spare Part Description Plug Type

413495-001 3-Phase North America/Japan Input Module L15-30P

413496-001 3-Phase International Input Module IEC309, Red, 5-Pin, 16A

413494-001 Single-Phase Power Input Module C19 - C20 Cord

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the correct receptacles and/or PDU Infrastructure are

available prior to the conversion. For more information on powering c-Class enclosures please consult the

c-Class Site Planning Guide.

1. Power Down the Enclosure

2. Disconnect all power cables to the enclosure

3. Remove the hot-plug Power Supplies from the front of the enclosure

Note: The input module is difficult to remove if the power supplies are inserted in the enclosure.

4. Undo the 3 screws on the input power module at the rear of the enclosure

5. Remove the Input Power Module

6. Replace with the new Input Power Module

7. Tighten the 3 screws to lock the module in place

8. Replace the hot-plug power supplies

9. Add additional hot-plug power supplies if required

Note: The 3-Phase Module requires 3 or 6 Power Supplies to operate, extra power supplies should

be ordered if necessary, the part number is 412138-B21

10. Reconnect the power cables

11. Power the enclosure on

The user then needs to connect to the Onboard Administrator via Telnet or SSH and login to the command

line interface as an administrator.

The following command should then be run to set the appropriate input module type.

Set enclosure pdu_type x

x = 1 = Single phase

x = 2 = Three phase North America/Japan

x = 3 = Three phase, International



Need more info? Have you done power conversion on a chassis? Let us know how it went.