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Converting input power on a c7000 enclosure

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Converting input power on a c7000 enclosure

Question from Meg on converting enclosure power:




I know you can order the c7000 with the 3 phase power module but if an existing chassis has single phase, is there a way to swap it out?  The part number is FIO only.  Do I need to go the service spare route?




Input from Frank:




The 3-phase input power module for the C7000 can be ordered via HP Partsurfer.  Customers can order from Partsurfer.


The 3-phase input power module part # is 413495-001 (North America and Japan part number).  This input power modules has qty. 2 NEMA L15-30 power cords.  Therefore it will require qty. 2 NEMA L15-30 receptacles.


The BladeSystem Enclosure will need to be configured for the change in power phase.  The procedure to change from single phase to 3-phase is simple and listed below.


SAW Article

1)      Power down the blades, interconnects, and enclosures

2)      Unlock and pull out 4-6 inches but don’t remove the front six(6) power supplies

3)      Loosen the Torx-15 screws holding the three phase power module

4)      Remove the three phase power module

5)      Install single phase power module

6)      Tighten screws on the single phase power module

7)      Insert and lock the six (6) front power supplies

8)      Power on enclosure

9)      When the enclosure powers on, connect to the OA, change the enclosure pdu_type  from single phase to 3-phase.

  1. OA command >>>  Set enclosure pdu_type 2


x = 1 for single phase

x = 2 for 3-phase North America/Japan

x = 3 for 3-phase International


Video available HP Services Media Library




Any other comments or questions?