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Different between Blade and Rack based servers

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Different between Blade and Rack based servers

Dear All,

Different between Racks mounted server secially Xeon server) and Hp Blade server
Because we are plan to deploy our DR site, Replication through HP CA software

• In which scenario Rack based server
and Blade server is recommended.
• Difference between Xeon based and
Itenium based server (performance,
reliability etc)
• Common Hardware Issues in blade
servers like chassis problem etc
• How Much SAPS perform by Itenium and
Xeon SAPS and where to find and how to


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Re: Different between Blade and Rack based servers

contact hp presales for you country they will go into great detail for you requirements , and match your existing infrastructure
where possible and optimal ,

that is best choice instead of purchasing then regretting , without a solid plan

This is how we thank each other in the forum


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Re: Different between Blade and Rack based servers

There exist

rack mounted ( DL320, DL 360 ...etc )
tower versions ( ML330, ML 350 ...etc)

but exist DL/ML 370 :) bot rack and tower

Blades are other option, you need enclosoures to run them ( either c3000 or c7000 ) but it depends all on your plans for deployment.

Question is very wide, so the best is

and prepare list of all options you want to use for your systems ( Platform, Operating system, number of hosts, newtork switches used ( procurve for example ) , etc, etc, )