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Does Flex-10 work for Linux?

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Does Flex-10 work for Linux?

Does Flex-10 (the ability to divide the Flex-10 10GB NIC into 4 "physical function" NICs) work for servers running a Linux operating system (SLES 10 or RHEL 5)?

I was able to find drivers for the BL495c and G6 servers that have integrated Flex-10 NICs, but there is nothing in the VC-Enet Cookbook (v2.01 April 2009) on how to configure Flex-10 for Linux. There are chapters on configuring Flex-10 for Windows and ESX. Do these drivers only allow the Flex-10 NIC to operate as a 1Gb or 10Gb NIC under Linux?
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Re: Does Flex-10 work for Linux?


There is a multifunction driver package, but I am not sure if it allows the OS to see the 4 separate nics.

I would think that is should, but can't say 100%.

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Re: Does Flex-10 work for Linux?

The NC532x adapters are supported by the Linux driver. Your OS will see up to 4 physical adapters (depending how you configure flex-10) even before you install a driver. The driver will allow the NICs you create within VC to function from 1 to 10 Gb/s (again depending how you slice the bandwidth). So to answer your question they can function as multiple 1 Gb/s adapters, a single 10 Gb/s adapter, or multiple varying bandwidth adapters in increments of 100 Mb/s depending upon your configuration.