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Drive Array Accelerator Issue


Drive Array Accelerator Issue

I was looking for some general opinions on the issue we are having. Our support contract expired on our BL20P Blades and was wondering how critical it is to not have the Array Accelerator enabled on one of the blades? Insight Manager says that the accelerator is perm. disabled I assume due to a hardware issue on the controller. Insight Manager records this as a minor item.

Below is the event recorded in Windows:

Drive Array Accelerator Status Change. The array accelerator board attached to the array controller in Slot 0 has a new status of 5.
(Accelerator status values: 1=other, 2=notConfigured, 3=enabled, 4=tmpDisabled, 5=permDisabled)

appreciate insight

Re: Drive Array Accelerator Issue

Is not that critical, in case of a power outage or something like that the data that is supposed to be save on the hdd will not or if the OS freezes up.

Also you will lose a bit performance depending of the size of the memory from the controller(The array accelerator size).

However the problem may be just the battery accelerator or the memory module(The array accelerator) on the controller.

A possible fix will be upgrading the controller firmware to the latest one. This will try to recharge the battery and enable the memory this fixes more that 70% of those issues.

Also you can try by clearing the NVRAM this is a good shoot.

If none of those work you will need a new memory module on your controller.
If this will be the situation and you would like not to have that error message just remove the memory.

Hope this will help you.

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Re: Drive Array Accelerator Issue

Please attach the ADU report(Start-Programs-HP System Tools- Array diagnostic Utility), we can check if the controller battery is failed or if there is any other issue from the report.


Re: Drive Array Accelerator Issue

Thnxs for the comments. I have attached the ADU Report from the Server. Let me know if you need anything else.
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Re: Drive Array Accelerator Issue


there was
1 Array accelerator parity write error...

there was an error with the cache, not the battery and the cache was disabled. Normally this means less performance for you.
You can go to Array configuration utility and try to enable the array accelerator, but if it is disabled again, then it will fail soon..

Re: Drive Array Accelerator Issue

Thnxs for the feedback. I will run performance monitor on it and compare it to the 2nd Web Server and see if there is much difference in I/O.
I read somewhere that there could be issues if the cache component is disabled and say you have a power outage, and won't be able to write back all the data to the disk on a hard shutdown.