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EnclosureIP Mode Setting

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EnclosureIP Mode Setting

I have a config attached and I pretty much think it is not the way it should be.
Can I have few more opinions on this?
We have redundant OAs. Enclosure IP mode is enabled. First OA is set to static IP. For second OA, settings are for DHCP & DDNS. The kicker however is that the DNS name used in second OA is identical to first OA.
Refer to attached screenshot for a visual.

In the past I was told that I can have two separate static IPs set to OA, but when they transition to active/stdby, they will automatically switch IPs, so primary OA will always use same IP.
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Re: EnclosureIP Mode Setting

Hi pakm,

Your configuration will work fine. When using enclosure IP mode, the active OA should be set to a static IP and the standby can be either static or DHCP.

When you convert the standby to active, the IP assignment will effectively reverse and the standby will be accessible via the active address.

I prefer to disable Dynamic DNS so my OAs don't register their addresses with my DNS server. That way I create manual host entries to point to the enclosure IP, when a user connects by name it doesn't matter which OA is active.

Source: p.95

good luck!

Re: EnclosureIP Mode Setting

OK, as long as DHCP is there and reliable, it should be fine. I agree if I register same name with a different IP, which how it is set currently, it would confuse things.
Thanks for the response.