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LCAP Truncking Virtual Connect

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LCAP Truncking Virtual Connect

I was arguing with my network team saying that LCAP and/or trunking is not done on the LAN core switch, but they are saying that they enabled it.

From virtual connect manager, how we can find out whether a connected port is in LCAP and trunking?

Honored Contributor

Re: LCAP Truncking Virtual Connect

Although UplinkSets can be created on the VC side using several physical uplink cables, the lan switch ports also need to be configured as an LACP Trunk, or LACP group. This tells the port that it can send the network traffic for the blades down any of the ports in the trunk, and it will get there.

If this is not done, it is likely that your uplink will still work, however an important piece of information is being withheld from the switch, and as a result the usage of the uplinks will be very inefficent. Ports will start generating errors, and could eventually end up being "errored-out".

The bottom line is that the uplinkset/trunk must be configured on both the VC side, and on the Switch side.