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Error in connecting through ACU Interface

Occasional Contributor

Error in connecting through ACU Interface

Dear all;

I have this error when i try to connect from one HP BL SERVER G3 to HP MSA 1000 controller through ACU Interface.

ACU has encountered the following critical error while attempting to configure your controller:

This array controller has been setup to be part of a redundant pair of controllers but cannot be configured by this program.

Possible causes for this problem include:

1-Both redundant controllers are in active states

2-Both redundant controllers are in standby states

3-Communication with the active controller cannot be established

4-The Inter-Controller Link has failed and communication with the standby controller cannot be established

5-The standby controller has been disabled

Make sure that all data cables are properly connected, controllers are firmly seated in the storage systems and that you are using the latest version of the Array Configuration Utility. If you have manually disabled the redundant standby controller, then please remove it from the system and select the controller again in ACU.

Please i need your help cuz i have to fix this problem today. Thanks a lot.....