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Firmware Upgrade

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Firmware Upgrade

I need to update c3000 enclosure using latest SPP


My c3000 has following:

6x BL460G6

1xSB40c partner blade

2x GbE2c LAN Switch

2x HP B-series 8/12c SAN Switch BladeSystem c-Class


Also I have MSA2000G2 FC connected on SAN switches.


What is the right order to update c3000 BladeSystem?

I suppose:

1. Interconnect bay devices,

2. Server and partner blades

3. OA


I will use HP Service Pack for ProLiant and HP CloudSystem Matrix Compatibility. Also I plan to use one test server to ensure that updates are working properly


Will this be right order for upgrade?


Best regards

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Re: Firmware Upgrade

If/When you discover your blade enclosure using the SPP... the SPP is supposed to intelligently upgrade the firmware on the enclosure in the proper order without any interaction from the user.  The software is "smart" like that (or it is supposed to be anyway).


Unless you are updating from really old versions, the only devices you usually need to worry about are the iLo's.  They should be updated before the OA Firmware.


If you are going to do it manually, piece by piece... I would...


1. Update the iLo's

2. Update the OA Firmware only if the current version is not going to be compatible with the updates for the server bios and interconnect firmware.

3. Update the servers pmm and bios

4. Update the interconnects

5. Update the OA if you didn't do it already in step 2.



Steven Clementi
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Re: Firmware Upgrade

Thank you for your answer.


Firmware is not so old, about a year old. Updated last time using compatibility matrix 9.30.

Then I'll change upgrade scenarion:

1. Upgade one test server using lates SPP.

2. If no issues occures, then using SPP I'll upgrade everything using latest SPP, all other server blades and OA.


Best regards