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GbE2c interconnect module RSTP/MSTP what and how?


GbE2c interconnect module RSTP/MSTP what and how?


I have been trying to get help from HP on this but it seems that they don't have a resource (even with a support contract) to help us so I came here to beg for help :)

We're having some nasty layer 2 loops between our GbE2 switches on a C7000 and our Brocade switches.

We want to resolve this by enabling spanning tree but honestly, we have no clue how to enable it on the HP switches.

I am sure it's very trivial but the documentation didn't help so far. So, knowing almost nothing about the HP switches (besides loggin in and creating vlans and basic things like that), I will appreciate any guide for dummies on how to implement this.

Also, what's the difference between the RSTP and MSTP implementation? We're using Rapid Spanning Tree on our Brocade switches but they call it MSTP.

Thank you guys in advance.
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Re: GbE2c interconnect module RSTP/MSTP what and how?

And when you don't loop these swithes but treat them as real edge swithes ?? Try to avoid spanning tree configs....