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GbE2c management

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GbE2c management

this is my first blade installation, I have a HP ProCurve networking background but now I discovered that GbE2c switches are not Procurve!
I'm finding some difficulties especially to understand their management.

- GbE2c internal port 19 is connected to OA and this is connected to same net of a management server
- switch has a VLAN4095 and an interface 256 on it
- management server has DHCP and it offers an IP to switch interface 256 by OA link

I'd like a different setup:
- switch should be managed by its uplink to core switches (like all my existing switches)
- on this uplink, there are many VLANs, one of these is our existing management VLAN
- is the internal OA-switch link really needed?
- mgmt server, OA and if256 must be on a different network?

I'm really confused.

Any suggestion?

Re: GbE2c management

ciao, the gbe2c is a layer2/3 switch router and it have many internal port to interconnect blade system on the external it have only 4 port that become configurable as trunk or a sigle vlan.
the configuration is very simple within the web interface.
the vlan 4095 is a default vlan that cannot be changed i think.
if you have any difficoult to configure it pls contact me at msn on

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Re: GbE2c management or ?
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Re: GbE2c management

Hi there,
There are 2 models of GbE2c, meaning 2 different part numbers(Different uplinks), both will have the same design regarding the management.

If you want to manage the switch from the uplinks you have 2 options:

1- Disable IF 256 (Only will loss the Management Link from the OA, no changes on switch functionality)

2- Create another L3 Interfaces, put it on vlanX and make sure is in different subnet than if256


for your last question, yes, OA, iLOs and management consoles must be on the same subnet.

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Re: GbE2c management

Thanks to Giulio, for help on MSN, and to Lmm for excellent explanation.

I will open another thread for a few questions about STP...