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gbe2c NCU VLAN trunk external switch

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gbe2c NCU VLAN trunk external switch


I am trying to trunk VLAN information to a BL460 blade in a C7000 chassis. We have a gbe2c switch. Not used the C7000 or gbe2c before so pls bear with me

Need to allow untagged traffic (VLAN1) and two tagged VLANs (101 and 102) which are also defined on an external switch (a Powerconnect 6224).

I have port 21 from each gbe2c uplinked to a trunk port on the Powerconnect. Blade 5 needs to see untagged (VLAN1), vlan 101 and vlan 102 traffic. So I have added ports 5,17,18 and 21 as a member of VLAN 1, 101 and 102. The VLANs are each in a seperate STP group (I have tried turning off STP).


/* Enclosure: 403320-B21, EnclosureName: ENCLOSURE1
/* Slot: 2
/c/port 5
tag ena
/c/port 17
tag ena
/c/port 18
tag ena
/c/port 21
tag ena
/c/l2/vlan 101
name "Storage1"
def 5 17 18 21
/c/l2/vlan 102
name "Storage2"
def 5 17 18 21
/c/l2/stp 1/port 5/on
/c/l2/stp 2/clear
/c/l2/stp 2/add 101
/c/l2/stp 3/clear
/c/l2/stp 3/add 102
/c/l3/if 1
* ena
* addr
/c/l3/gw 1
* ena
* addr
* prima
* secon
script end /**** DO NOT EDIT THIS LINE!

I have added three VLANs in NCU on the blade: 1, 101 and 102. VLAN 1 works fine although I think this is just the PVID working.

Does anything jump out above as incorrect? Currently I can't see VLAN 101 or 102, i.e. I can't ping the IP address set for either of these VLANs on the Powerconnect from the virtual NIC created by NCU with above config.

Any help appreciated - like I said above first experience with a HP Blade chassis.


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Re: gbe2c NCU VLAN trunk external switch


the GBE2 config looks fine here. I would doublecheck your PowerConnect config.

Also, check your version of NCU. There have been a lot of bugs with NCU VLAN tagging that have been cleared up in recent NCU versions i.e. NCU v9.50 and later. (If you update NCU, you also need to update NIC drivers)