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GbE2c Switch error status

New Member

GbE2c Switch error status

I have just setup our new c3000 chassis with 2 GbE2c Ethernet sitches and afterupgrading the boot image firmware on switch one I now have a red cross in the HP Support row of the Interconnect Bay Information - Bay 1 page nad a message stating that The device is not supported by Hewlett-Packard

I then upgraded the firmware to the same version and I still have the red cross.

I downloaded the firmware from the HP website...

Any ideas?
Occasional Advisor

Re: GbE2c Switch error status


had have the same problem, after upgrading the oa from 2.10 to 2.31. I unplugged the switch and the "error" was solved, but i still have the problem, that the gbe2/3 switch in interconnect bay 1 on of c3000 enclosure is not manageable. The Switch gets an IP from the OA, but i can't ping the ip. If i give a manual ip to interface 256, its the same, i can't manage the gbe2/3 switch (via ip) if it is connected to interconnect bay 1.