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Help about c3000 with SAS switch

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Help about c3000 with SAS switch

We will get this components:
- c3000 encl
- 3 x BL460c G6 with P700 contr
- 2 x 3Gb SAS Switch
- 2 x BLc Bnt 1GbE2 Switch
- MSA 2324sa Dual Contr.
I will need to configure that, and before we get it I need some help from experts because I am not familiar with this.
My questions are:
1. Where can I find the best directions about connecting this, with lots of pictures?
2. Do I need some ethernet Pass-Thru module?
3. Are these modules come already built-in in enclosure with predefined internal port mapping configuration, or I need to do that?
I appreciate any help.
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Re: Help about c3000 with SAS switch

I don't have the golden answer for you. Even though I have knowledge on most of this, I havn't worked on this specific solution. And I will love to see/learn from others.

1. Read the installations guides.
Do understand the port mapping of the C-Class enclosure.
When you understand the C-class Inteconnects.
Then take the storage from here:

2. no/yes
Since you got 2 GBE2c switches, for the C3000 you must need an extra NIC mezzanin card for the servers.
Nothing will be configured. Unless you have ordered and paid for that.

3. This depends on what you buy.
If you got i factory express, then it come installed.
Nothing will be configured. Unless you have ordered and paid for that.
If you didn't buy factory express, you will get a ship load of boxes :)

I will love to see other inputs, of if you will care to share your learning.

I will write 1 more post, to tell of the port mapping.


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Re: Help about c3000 with SAS switch

Lets start with the beginning of the C-class.

First came the C7000, then the C3000.

The C7000 is developed for high availability.
It has 8 interconnect bays, wich are paired for redundancy.
From the top:
1 and 2.
3 and 4.
5 and 6.
7 and 8.
The pairs are interconnected on the backplane, so if a module fail, it can route thruogh the partner.
So there's connection between the interconnect bays left/right.
There's no! connection between interconnect bays up/down!
Blades got on-board NIC's
On a half hight (e.i. BL460c), theres 2 on board NIC's
Port 1 go to Interconnect Bay 1
Port 2 go to Interconnect bay 2
In a half hight Blade you got 2 mezzanine slots.
Mezz. 1 lines go to Interconnect 3 and 4.
Mezz. 2 lines go to Interconnect 5, 6, 7 and 8.

The C3000 is a half C7000. They have cut it dwon the middle and have removed the right half.
There's no connection between interconnect bays.
Onboard NIC's now are routet to Interconnect Bay 1.
Mezz 1 is routet to interconnect Bay 2.
Mezz 2 is routet to interconnect Bay 3 and 4.

The/some mezz. cards come in 2 and 4 lane/connections.
Half hight servers only got 2 lanes at Mezz slot 1.
The full hight servers got 4 lanes/connections (They also got 4 0n-board NICS), wich mean they have 2 connections each, to Interconnect bays 1, 2, 3 and 4.
The C-class server bays are divided into quardrants. Fill them in from the left (C-7000) Bay 1, 2, 9 and 10. Then continue with 3, 4, 11 and 12. and so on.
C3000: from the top. 1, 2, 5 and 6. And then you fill the second quad.

Now you got the simple basics.

In you case:
Servers must be installed in Bay 1, 2 and 5.
GBE2c's must be put in Interconnect Bay 1 and 2. You will need an addtional 2 port NIC mezz. card to take use of the 2nd GBE2c.

The P700m is only supportet on mezz slot 2. So put it there.
The SAS switches then go in Interconnect bays 3 and 4.

Read the link on the SAS switch for cabling and configuration. It a good manual, that I used when I had to play with it, but that was to a MDS600.
I haven't tryed agains the MSA2000.

The MSA2000, I have only worked on the FC model.

I will try to find the new link for the blade communty


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Re: Help about c3000 with SAS switch

do join the blade community.


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Re: Help about c3000 with SAS switch

Thanks a lot on answers. I must to study this :)
We also have a c7000 with FC switch, and I will look that, too.
When I put it in function (next month) I will share with you learning, if you need something.
If you find some interesting please send to me.
Thanks again.