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How to know which chassis slots are empty.

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How to know which chassis slots are empty.

Peter's customer had  question:


A customer has 40+ enclosures in 2 different sites. Is there a way via SIM to run a report which will show how many empty server slots each enclosure has without having to go to each enclosure one at a time?


Lots of different fedback but this one seemed to resonate from Greg:

Is the following of interest?

Console image 01.jpg

You can do this by installing the SIM servers into the OA Authorized SSH Keys list. (can be scripted when you commission your OAs of manual process via the GUI)


I did this by copying out of notepad and pasting the SSH key via GUI – I also modified the’s username to be Administrator


Then go to HPSIM

Run mxagentconfig –a  -o host –n <ip address> –p <password> -u Administrator

Confirm with mxagentconfig –a  -c –n <ip address> -u Administrator


create a custom tool to run “show server info” command on the OA

Note the custom tool’s execute user must match the installed in this case Administrator



You can then run this custom command against again suitably SSH configured OA or collection of OAs


I hope this helps. Let me know if you try it. If so, did you have to tweek anything for your environment. Clear enough for you to try?