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How to remove VC module from VC domain

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How to remove VC module from VC domain

We currently have one VC domain which contain three C7000 enclosures. In fist enclosure we have 2*Flex10 modules, in enclosures number two and number three we have 4*VC 1/10 modules in each enclosure. We want to remove VC3 and VC4 modules from enclosure number 2. We deleted all networks which used these modules in VC manager and now we are looking for the way to delete VC module from VC domain via VC manager (we don't have VCEM)
In we see
"For VC module removal, from the VC Manager user interface, click Hardware Overview → Enclosure_Name → Interconnect Bays , select the VC module at the bay you want to remove, then click Remove from Domain " - but we cannot find Remove from domain button !
We use 3.10 VC firmware.
Any ideas where we can find Remove from Domain button ?!
Thanks, Igor
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Re: How to remove VC module from VC domain

on the Interconnect Bays page, check the help menu for "For this Page".

If you click on the "Administrative Module removal" link it will list the conditions which must be met before the module can be removed from the domain.

Once the conditions are met, then the "Remove from Domain" button should appear (I presume).

According to the documentation,

"If these conditions are not met, the Remove from Domain button is not available, or an error message appears."

Of course this might be old information which predates version 3.10, I cant say for certain since I havent had occasion to do this since upgrading to 3.10. Just know that lots of annoying little things like missing buttons and moved functions, etc. came with 3.10.

HTH Dave.

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Re: How to remove VC module from VC domain

Dave point me to "Administrative Module removal" article in help. In this article I read that VC module must be physically removed and only after this procedure we will have "Remove" button
Today we physically removed VC modules from enclosure. After VC modules removing we still don't have "Remove button" but removed VC modules disappear from VC domain automatically