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How to update ilo BL460c G7

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How to update ilo BL460c G7

Hi, like the title says i want to update the ilo on a BL460 G7 blade (C7000). But there is so much information online and me having absolutely no background in IT a lot of the information might aswell have been written in a lost ancient language.

Can someone give me some clear and direct pointers on how to approach this? My first guess was that the easiest way would be to connect to the OA, go to the blade in device bays, to the firmware tab and 'start manual update'.  But it's greyed out since 'Enclosure Firmware Management is not supported on the active OA hardware present.' 

No OS is installed so i can't go through the OS, the main reason i want to update the ilo is because the blade won't recognise any installed HD drives. 

Hope someone can kindly give some directions in understandable language =)


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Re: How to update ilo BL460c G7

Can boot SPP (support proliant pack) firmware/driver directly thru Virtual media on ilo host and do update automatically
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Re: How to update ilo BL460c G7


Easiest way in graphic mode is to use : 

Support for directories on ProLiant Management Processors   

The last version is 5.0
You can update hundred of ilo easily in graphic mode.
Otherwise, use HPQLOCFG.exe utility in text mode.



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Re: How to update ilo BL460c G7

Download the latest version iLO3 fw, like :

unzip and select *.bin file

Connect to web interface iLO and go to  Administration/iLO Firmware

browse file *.bin and upload