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HP 6125G blade switch redundancy issue on c3000

Occasional Advisor

HP 6125G blade switch redundancy issue on c3000

Hi everybody,

i'm facing some switch redundancy issue on c3000 chassis with 2 bl460 gen9 servers.

chassis components are:

- 2 hp 6125G blade switch

- 2 hp b-serie 8/12 san switches

- 2 bl 460c gen9 with mezz slot 1 and 2 populated.

i know that by default, in c3000 chassis, all FlexLOM are directly mapped to interconnect bay 1 (for full and half servers), and to allow redundancy, mezz cards should be populated to map in interconnect bay2.

in my case, with this type of switch, servers have mezz cards in both slots for interconnect bays 2.3.4.

redundancy is good for the san with FC switches, but for the ethernet switches 6125G in bay 1 and 2 there is no redundancy, 1 cable is connected to each switch in port 1 and go to the same external cisco switch, for test i ping one of the servers which sucessfully reply, but if i unplug the cable out of the first switch i loose the pings and in the mine time connectivity to both servers, which confirm that redundancy is not automatic in this case. (here is attached some screenshots of the switches).

i think theses switches are managable, do i need to directly connect in each switch and activate something for redundancy??