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HP C7000 Blade connecting to power

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HP C7000 Blade connecting to power

Hey Guys
I have a HP C7000 enclosure with 16 X bl460 G6 blades. I bought all the power cable and I bought a 2 bar PDU and I need to know what is the type and model number of your Power Distribution Units.

I know I will need to bring an electrician over to add a breaker I think someone told me 40amp breaker and my c7000 will run N+N.

The input of all 6 power supply is 200-240v 50/60 hz max ac current is 13.7 A

Here in Canada we have 120 V outlets so I know I will to send somebody to add something to the fuse box or I will trip a breaker.

Can you guys tell me what gear you are using to power up your C7000 so I can order it also. I have been looking for about a month and I am going insane!!

Soon I will be running 2 C7000's so if you have 2 running of them please le me know the model number of the PDU's everything lol  from the outlet to the C7000 power supply connector. please help


Re: HP C7000 Blade connecting to power

you can refer to the below quickspecs for the available PDUs and UPS ( Page: 14)

use the power advisor to calculate the power requirement at the site.

Based on this you can use the power backup / UPS to power on the entire enclosure and for uninterrupted power. 

you can refer to the power supply configuration on C7000 :

Refer to C7000 Enclosure cabling:

You can also refer to the installation and setup guide for C7000:

For proper redundancy,  make sure you connect your power supplies to different power sources / PDU / UPS. 


If you need further asssitance, you can opt for a consulting service with HPE.

I am a HPE Employee

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