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HP GBE2C with Procurve 5412zl

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HP GBE2C with Procurve 5412zl

I'm having issues with my design / impementation that I did and I'm not really sure what is going on. Basically I have this:


  • 2 x c7000 Enclosures with 2x GBE2C switch modules in each enclosure
  • 1 x 5412zl Procurve Switch with 2 x POE 1Gb Modules


I tried creating four trunks where there was a trunk of 2 cables going to each switch module. I have attached a diagram.


However! I have one module that just isn't working and I can't figure out why. STP on the GBe2c and the 5412zl says that it is forwarding packets. However when I look like port 21 & 22 on the GBE2C (left enclosure and module shown in picture) I see there is tons of drops on port 22.


I've checked the duplex on the two ports for this trunk on the 5412zl and the two uplink ports on the GBE2C and they all match.


I know it is only this module because my blade servers have two NIC's. A lot of them I have teamed because NIC1 goes to GBE2C Module 1 and NIC2 goes to GBE2C Module 2 so I wanted redundancy.


On servers without team the NIC1 doesn't work at all and NIC2 does work! Here is what I noticed:


  • NIC1 on server which is connected to module 1 doesn't work
  • NIC2 on server which is connected to module 2 works fine.
  • Both switches show the trunk is up and forwarding packets (not blocking.. says "Forwarding")
  • Two servers connected to module 1 CAN communicate with each other. It seems when it is leaving the module headed to the 5412zl that it has issues


Thanks for the help in advance!