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hp SUM Manager update problems

Occasional Contributor

hp SUM Manager update problems

Well just trying to test this before i do the entire enterpise.
Got hp sum manager install and can access it
can find node
inverntory them
and when i try and deploy just come back in with a error.
in the error logs on the server says
[INFO] :: Feb-12-2014 01:14:07:312 pm :: [iloinstall.cpp:186] :: Thread id: 7556 :: ILO3 detected, testing access to provided repository(ies) from ILO3
[INFO] :: Feb-12-2014 01:14:18:312 pm :: [iloinstall.cpp:200] :: Thread id: 7556 :: Flashing ILO3 firmware.
[INFO] :: Feb-12-2014 01:14:18:312 pm :: [iloinstall.cpp:598] :: Thread id: 7556 :: Flash ILO firmware..
[INFO] :: Feb-12-2014 01:14:21:312 pm :: [iloinstall.cpp:628] :: Thread id: 7556 :: Issuing ILO flash command "load -source
[ERROR] :: Feb-12-2014 01:14:24:312 pm :: [iloinstall.cpp:640] :: Thread id: 7556 :: CILOInstall::flashILOFirmware ILO firmware update returned status other than 0. Update failed.
[ERROR] :: Feb-12-2014 01:14:24:312 pm :: [iloinstall.cpp:205] :: Thread id: 7556 :: Failed to flash ILO3
[INFO] :: Feb-12-2014 01:14:24:312 pm :: [iloinstall.cpp:328] :: Thread id: 7556 :: Stopping ssh connection to remote node."

have tested that the file exist and can put that in another machines browser and downloads the file.
The base line came from the spp cd which was extracted into the folder(have also let it download from hp) just in case
any one got any ideas

Occasional Contributor

Re: hp SUM Manager update problems

well i oufnd the problems

here is the solution


HP Smart Update Manager (SUM) 5.x - Unable to Update HP ProLiant iLO3 Firmware from 1.2x to 1.50 Issue

If using HP SUM bundled in the HP Support Pack for ProLiant (SPP) in order to update the HP ProLiant iLO3 firmware from 1.2x to 1.50 remotely, the update will fail.

The installation will report as failed, and the HP SUM error log will show the following:

====== HP Smart Update Manager Installation Log ======
Starting ILO firmware update.
Initializing connection to ILO
Connection established to ILO.
Checking the type of ILO.
load -source

Mon Jan 14 11:33:27 2013

Attempting to load iLO3 firmware image.

status=2  status_tag=COMMAND PROCESSING FAILED
Mon Jan 14 11:33:27 2013

Unable to retrieve a valid iLO3 firmware image. Check file path and login credentials.

This issue is due to a bug in the iLO3 firmware.

HP SUM executes the load -source command from iLO3 SSH console, but when the iLO3 web pooler proceeds to download the firmware file, it will fail.

Therefore, it is an iLO3 issue and not with HP SUM.

NOTE: This issue does not happen if running HP SUM locally, only when trying remote updates.


This issue does not occur in 1.1x or 1.50 and later firmware.

NOTE: In order to update iLO3 to 1.50, the iLO3 firmware must be in the 1.2x versions.

As a workaround, use the following options:

  1. Run the iLO3 firmware update locally on the server.

The firmware will be transferred via the iLO3 driver.

  1. If need to update several systems remotely, use the iLO RIBCL XML scripts.

Use the script Update_Firmware.xml as a template.