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Hyper-V and BL460C

Occasional Contributor

Hyper-V and BL460C

I have problems to configure the network in Hyper-V in my blade servers.

My host server has 4 network cards, one for management and the others to the VMs...

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong with the network configuration... these are the steps I'm following for one of the network interface for VMs...

1.- set an Ip address to the interface, I can ping from other servers without problems.
2.- Create a network in Hyper-V with this interface, I create a external network and select the network interface I've configured before.
3.- Once the network is created I can see the new interface in the host... but I can't ping it anymore ¿¿??
4.- added a new legacy network interface attached to this network... the vm has not connectivity...

Any idea?

thanks a lot.