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IML log how to mark repaired?

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IML log how to mark repaired?

I have c7000 Blade Enclosure and some BL460cG1 and BL460cG6 blade servers.
Servers have ESX 4 installed without HP Management Agents on them.

Looking through ILO on IML log of server I found some errors showing predictive failure of drives. I replaced drives that were in predictive failure state and they are now OK. The problem is that failures in log are not marked repaired.

I'm trying to mark some items repaired but only thing that I can do is go to ILO web management and clear whole IML log. Does anyone knows how to mark all entries repaired insted of cleaning IML log?

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Re: IML log how to mark repaired?

This has been an irritation for me as well.


The capability to mark events as repaired in the IML was apparently a new feature introduced with the ILO3's (HP types please correct me if I'm wrong on that).  Blades (and towers and rackmounts, for that matter) before the G7's all had ILO2's.


ILO2's (and earlier) you had to clear the IML entirely, and frankly, sometimes I like to have the history.



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Re: IML log how to mark repaired?

I checked on one of my BL460cG7 servers that has ILO3.
Same situation. Unable to mark as read.
But on BL460cGen8 that has ILO4,  I was able to mark some items as read.


Seems like it's by design. ;)

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Re: IML log how to mark repaired?



On a G7 (ILO3) I should think you should be able to mark IML events repaired.  I can on every ILO3 we have (and that's in the hundreds).


Check the rights you assigned the user you're logging in as and verify the firmware level of the ILO3.



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Re: IML log how to mark repaired?

It is possible to mark a IML entry as repaired from the host OS with hplog/hpasmcli like so


# show log entry numbers
hplog -v

# mark entry number as repaired
hpasmcli -s "REPAIR IML 30"


Tested on a Linux server with iLO2.


Re: IML log how to mark repaired?

Now we have ILO5 and Gen10. Hp-health and hpasmcli are not supported anymore. 

We are back to the problem on how to set ILO IML logs to repaired from CLI. 

Anyone had any luck with it on HP Gen10 servers?


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Re: IML log how to mark repaired?

From another customer inquiry, I had a discussion with the tools group about not being able to do this from a CLI tool anymore.  They are now aware of the issue and looking to add this capability into the RESTful tool in the future.


No support by private messages. Please ask the forum! 

Re: IML log how to mark repaired?

Use RestFull api with powershell:



#Check if Rest Ilo tools are installed
if (Test-Path "C:\Program Files\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\RESTful Interface Tool\ilorest.exe") {

Write-Host "************* Start checking server $server *************" -ForegroundColor DarkBlue -BackgroundColor Green
#check if Temp folder Exists, if not create the folder.
if (-not (Test-Path "C:\temp")) {New-Item -Path "c:\" -Name "temp" -ItemType "directory"}
#get the IML log from the ilo and place it in the temp folder
cd "C:\Program Files\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\RESTful Interface Tool"
.\ilorest.exe serverlogs --selectlog=IML --url $server -u $username -p $password -f C:\temp\IML_Log.txt
#get the content of the log and covert it into an powershell object
$entrysjson = get-content C:\temp\IML_Log.txt
$entrys = ConvertFrom-Json -InputObject $entrysjson
#process each log entry seperatly
foreach ($entry in $entrys) {
#ignore if log entry is repaired or repair option does not apply.
#if ignore rule does not apply, report server and message information
if ($entry.Oem.Hpe.Repaired -notlike $null -and $entry.Oem.Hpe.Repaired -notlike "True")
{#reset the IML log entry
.\ilorest.exe serverlogs --selectlog=IML -r $entry.Id
Write-host "Marked Repaired for server: $server Entry: "$entry.Message}
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Re: IML log how to mark repaired?


i´m on the same subject, i tried the IML Log Repair Command in PS & iLORest CMD : iLOrest > serverlogs --selectlog=IML -r 36

...and it failes with : "iLO response with code [400]: An unknown property is in the request body"

Why? I cant see the issue... can some one help me out...




Re: IML log how to mark repaired?


You can try the below customer advisory, If you are facing the issue with ILO5.

Advisory: HPE Integrated Lights-Out 5 (iLO 5) - iLOrest il clone Command Does Not Load all Settings on iLO 5 Firmware Version 1.40 (or Later)

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