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Interconnect problem

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Interconnect problem

I have c3000 blade system and cisco 3020 inserted in interconnect bay 1. I setup IP address for my HP OA - via Web interface and setup ip address for interface FastEthernet0 for my cisco switch via console cable. I can see switch status in HP OA, all is fine(model, ip, version), but can not ping it over network. When I turn on debig icmp packets on the switch I see that packet going from This is APIPA addres. Why it going from this address ?

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Re: Interconnect problem

Hi Nick,
This may be off track, but when you communicate with a module installed in an interconnect bay (or an iLO/Remote Console), the traffic passes in and out of the enclosure through the OA management port.

This is why the iLO's and interconnect modules must be assign IP addresses on the Management subnet.

You may be creating a conflict by assigning a different IP address via the console cable.

Note:: you should be able to connect to your cisco switch, from the external network, using the EBIPA address.

Hope this helps (Im not a network guy, so if it is a naive answer, I apologise.)