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ipmitool with ilo4

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ipmitool with ilo4



when trying to  call


ipmitool lan print 2


on a server with iLO4 i get following output:


Set in Progress         : Set Complete
Auth Type Support       :
IP Address Source       : DHCP Address
IP Address              : X.X.X.X
Subnet Mask             :
MAC Address             : X.X.X.X.X.X
BMC ARP Control         : ARP Responses Enabled, Gratuitous ARP Disabled
Default Gateway IP      : X.X.X.X
802.1q VLAN ID          : Disabled
802.1q VLAN Priority    : 0
Cipher Suite Priv Max   : Not Available

that is, no Auth Type support is listed;


when I try to set Auth Type to MD5 with


ipmitool lan set 2 auth MD5 -vv


I get:


Using ipmi device 0
Set IPMB address to 0x20
Running PICMG GetDeviceLocator
No PICMG Extenstion discovered, keeping IPMB address 0x20
Channel type: 802.3 LAN
Channel type: 802.3 LAN

but "ipmitool lan print 2"

still returns empty Auth Type Support field.


Has anybody expirienced this problem ?


the server in question is HP BL460c gen8

OS: RHEL 6.4

ipmitool version is 1.8.11