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management IP on IB module in C7000 chassis

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management IP on IB module in C7000 chassis

I was wondering if anyone has an idea on how to IP the IB Module (648311-B21) for the C7000 chassis.  I've tried going into the enclosure bay settings and inputting an IP in the EIBPA and setting the IP/Mask/GW specifically for this module but the current address remains even after reboot.

I've searched all over the web and cannot find a solution.

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Re: management IP on IB module in C7000 chassis

I don't know that IB module but from other switches and FC modules I know that they have to be set to DHCP to accept the EBIPA address.
If your IB module has no serial port, it may have an virtual serial port. You can connect to that through the OA CLI.


Command: CONNECT INTERCONNECT <bay number>
Connects the user to the serial console of the interconnect present in the interconnect module bay

When you're connected to the serial port you probably can see where the problem is.

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