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Mezzazine card not seen and no pxe boot..

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Mezzazine card not seen and no pxe boot..

Hello all,
My customer has a problem with a few new blades. When he wants to deploy them, they do not pxe boot and the mezzazine card (NC325m) will not be detected.
Because he already has three new blades with this problem, I want to know if this is a known issue. He tried the blades in different bays => same result. When a good blade is inserted in the bay, no problems.
Does anyone recognize this?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Mezzazine card not seen and no pxe boot..

When you say the NC325m's are not detected -- are you looking at the server info page in the OA for that server -- and it doesn't show the mezzanine card?

If you are expecting to use PXE on a mezzanine card (and you don't see a PXE firmware message during POST), check RBSU and see if there's an option to enable PXE on the additional NICs (and disable PXE on the on-board NICs).