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Network behavior W2008 - BL460

Occasional Contributor

Network behavior W2008 - BL460

Hi all,

I've some questions about network behavior in W2008 and my Blades.

I've an HP BL460 with 4 NICs, I've configured one NIC to management. I've configured the ip manually with the netmask and the gateway... nothing strange... The server belongs to an AD and I can see at "network an sharing center" that this connection is under "domain network".

But when I configure other NIC... in another network something happens... I configure the new NIC with a manually ip address and the netmask, without gateway. This connection should be under "Domain network" too, but it appears as "Undefined network"....

Any idea?

thanks a lot.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Network behavior W2008 - BL460

Have you checked that the other NIC network subnet is listed in DNS etc? Also check the preferences on the advnaced network connections, try moving the other nic to the top of the preference list ...