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Networking Modules question.....

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Networking Modules question.....

I have a c7000 with 2 GBE2c modules in BAY 1&2, 2 4GB fiber modules in BAY 3&4 and 2 GBE2c modules in BAY 5&6.


I have a trunk to each module in bay 1&2 to my core switch and the X17 and x18 interconnect links are trunked as well. Spanning tree is turned on all switches.


I want to now add a trunk to BAY 5&6 the same way. 


What I'm noticing is even though I have nothing connected to BAY 5&6 yet I can still get to the management IP of each switch. Is there something I should be concerned about when configuring this like other interconnects between the modules to BAY 1&2? Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.


Also I've read that GBE2C doesn't support LACP but in the management interface I see LACP.