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OA AD integration Issue

Occasional Advisor

OA AD integration Issue


I have a customer with a C7000 chassis and an OA runninf firmware 2.25. They are trying to authenticate using LDAP. We used the process outlined in the user guide to set this up. I got the following message from them (I removed the actual server names).

I actually got past the issue by dumping my temporary internet files. I now see the test tab, etc. We are still having issues running the LDAP test even though the certificate has been loaded again. We’ve tested the cert by loading it in to another SSL application and it connects without any problems. See error below.

Directory Tests

Test Description Status
Overall Test Status Failed
Ping Directory Server Passed
Directory Server IP Address Not Run
Directory Server DNS Name Passed
Connect to Directory Server Passed
Connect using SSL Failed
Certificate of Directory Server Not Run
User Authentication Not Run
User Authorization Not Run

Test Log

Initiating Directory Settings diagnostic for server xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxxx
Directory Server address resolved to
Unable to establish SSL connection with directory server.
You may need to install a certificate for your server to allow SSL connections.


Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?