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OA network connectivity

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OA network connectivity

It's my understanding the the network ports for OA, all iLO's and interconnect management ports all run through the one copper connection on the OA module. I'm assuming then that all of the IP's for these connections must be on the same subnet.... or is there some way that they don't have to be any still make everything work?
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Re: OA network connectivity


you are correct. All of the ILOs, Interconnect Modules and the OAs reside on the same layer 2 broadcast domain. They would all need to be in the same IP subnet for proper communication unless you chose to have 2 or more IP subnets on the same layer 2 broadcast domain (not recommended).

On GBE2c and Cisco 3020 switches, you can disable the interface connecting back to the OA (GBE2c - IF 256 & Cisco 3020 - Fa0) and use an in-band management IP address that would be accessible through the switch's uplinks.

ILO2's have the option to configure VLAN tags but I don't think the OA will allow tagged frames to pass. I haven't tried this so it may be something to look at which would allow you to separate the ILOs on to a different network. But this may not work yet and could be an enhancement request.