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Re: Onboard Administrator different models

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Onboard Administrator different models

Good morning, I have a HPC7000 chassis with 4 BL860ci2 and the rest are BL460c G7 and G8.

The chassis currently have primary OA product number 412142-B21. the second OA is empty, the company recently purchased (I don't know how long) an OA product number 456204-B21 this is OA with KVM option.


I was told that the second OA is not recognized or does not work.

I would like to see if someone has run into similar configuration (two different OA models)


I will do the following steps to identify if compatibility issues or problems with the second OA


-  insert the second OA (456204-B21)

- remove primary OA (412142-B21) to see if the second OA becomes active

- remove primary OA and replace it with secondary OA


Any other suggestions or recommendations to do this will be appreciated.


Thank you



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Re: Onboard Administrator different models

I got a couple of hits when searching for "mixing OA module":


Basically, it seems that this would work OK, but the advise is to keep the newer style module as the primary.



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Re: Onboard Administrator different models

ok, it turned out that the error was a mismatch configuration and the OA was in degrated state.

The firmware version on the second OA was 3.2x, after upgrade the firmaware I was able to bring the second OA to a ok state. all is working now.