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P-Class Chassis not load balanced

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P-Class Chassis not load balanced

I have a rack with 2 x 3 phase power enclosures and 4 x enhanced enclosures connected up to a set a scalable bus bars. A few of the blades have come up an event saying " Rack information agent rack power subsystem not load balanced the power subsystem is out of balance for this power enclosure. User action check the power enclosure and power supplies replace any failed or degraded power supplies. Add additional power supplies if needed. " I've checked with the customer and all enclosures are running 2.4 firmware and I can't see any failed lights on any of the PSU's. We've also replaced the external load balancing cable. Could any suggest anything else I could try. I forgot to mention that both power enclosures has 6 x psu's in each.
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Re: P-Class Chassis not load balanced

You probably can't support 4 fully-populated encl (8 blades each) in load balancing mode with 12 PSUs, since 32/12=2.666.

I would like more details on power connections from the power bars to the enclosures.

Try to upgrade insight agents on the servers too.
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Re: P-Class Chassis not load balanced

Thanks for the reply.

I have just checked using the HP power sizing tool. We look we should be in power fine. This rack currently has installed
6 x BL25p G1
7 X BL45p G1
1 x BL45p G2
and 8 x CGESM. If I'm right looking in PDF's that I can have up to 20 x BL45p G1's so 14 blades should be ok?

I'm not sure about updating the traps on the serversm could you explain what level these are up to, and I go about updating these?

Many Thanks