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p-Class Qlogic HBA problem

New Member

p-Class Qlogic HBA problem

Dear Sirs,

I've got a BL25P server (P/N 438211-B21) with a Qlogic HBA installed into a mezzanine slot (361426-B21). I can see the HBA in ProLiant BIOS, an IRQ is assigned and it is listed in boot order. Anyway HBA's boot ROM does not initialize and while installing RHEL4 the system hangs on loading Qlogic driver.

I've tried to boot from DOS diskette and re-flash HBA's ROM with "hpqutil /F", but it says that Qlogic HBA is not installed.

Seems like boot ROM or BIOS of HBA is not present or corrupted, any suggestions how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: p-Class Qlogic HBA problem

You can always try to reseat the Qlogic mezzanine, and clear NVRAM on the server. But if the firmware utility does not detect it, I would be ordering a replacement card.
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Re: p-Class Qlogic HBA problem

Hi denlaw,

It could be a issue with the HBA, but before replacement we can try updating the BIOS,ilo firmware.

To check the issue with the issue with OS we need to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Update 3 or later with our server (BL25pG2)

I would suggest to check the status with latest kernel version of RHEL.

Hope this info would be helpful.

I am an HPE Employee

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