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PIO mode on IDE controller


PIO mode on IDE controller


hardware: BL30P G1
OS: windows server 2003 SP2


On all our P class servers we use a local IDE disk to store pagefiles on.
On one server in particular, when i run a backup, it starts to page excessively which i noted caused the CPU to spike.
Process Explorer shows one cpu to be on 100% with the culprit being Hardware Interrupts.
I checked the hardware of the local disk, and noticed that it is running in PIO mode.
A reboot does not fix this, nor does setting the error timeout in the registry of the controller.
There is only one device connected.
I am not sure of the type of Cable used to connect the drive to the mainboard, but it is whatever the blade was shipped with. (I assume HP ship with 40pin IDE cables)

Does anyone have any info that might answer the question "why will it not run in DMA mode?"
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Re: PIO mode on IDE controller

hm look in devmanager under controller properties do you have opportunity for dma mode , if not is is not supported , presuming you have drivers installed and server 2003 sp2 has them by default

must be very old disk if not supporting dma try with a disk you know supports dma

but first look under dev manager as described above..

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