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Re: Power error on c7000


Power error on c7000

Hi there,

I have a c7000 enclosure with OA at v2.41. A few days ago we started getting these errors where the power system is reporting that it is overloaded. Here are the entries from the OA log:

Mar 30 14:46:43 OA: PS Subsystem Overload - FAILED. Allocated Power: 25739W, Present Power: 2717W.
Mar 30 14:46:43 OA: Enclosure Status changed from OK to Failed.

When this is occuring all power supplies are lit and normal. All of the blades that we have installed remain powered up, but we are unable to power up any new blades. I currently have the power management settings set to 'Not Redundant' and 'Dynamic Power' is not enabled. There is also no power limit set. As you can see, the enclosure is reporting almost double the allocated power as what it should normally be reporting. We've reset the OA, which briefly gives us time to power up a new server, but it almost immediately goes into an error state again. It also enters the error state even if you don't power up a new blade after the reset.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Honored Contributor

Re: Power error on c7000

OA 2.41 has ILO and BIOS firmware minimum revision levels.

You probably need to upgrade these as well.