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power supply explain

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power supply explain

hello all ,
i get this quote from hp manual guide

NOTE: If Three Phase Power Module selected, a minimum of 3 Power Supply Option
Kits are needed. For full redundancy 6 Power Supply Option Kits are required.

i want any one explain this i don't under stand what is the minimum no of power supply that i need to install when using three phase and tell me if i want use it in N+1 mode and N+N mode
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Re: power supply explain

For 3-phase input the minimum number of power supplies (PS) is 3 for N+1 redundancy or 6 for N+N redundancy. 3 PS setup has one 3-phase input, 6 PS setup has two 3-phase input.

The recommended PS config is 1-phase, which has more flexibility. For 1-phase the minimum number of PS is 2.

If you have already 3-phase electrical infrastructure you can use 3-phase PDU (one 3-phase input, 6 1-phase output for connection to 1-phase PS). The recommended solutions are:

HP Modular Power Distribution Units (AF513A or AF518A) and HP 2400W High Efficiency Power Supplies (499243-B21 or 517521-B21)


HP Intelligent Power Distribution Units (iPDU) (AF526A or AF527A) and HP 2400W Platinum Efficiency Power Supplies (588603-B21 or 517521-B22)

Read the doc:
Technologies in the HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure