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Problems setting up a GbE2c blade switch

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Problems setting up a GbE2c blade switch



I have just installed a c7000 chassis with 16x blades and 2x gbe2c switch modules. I'm only using 5x blades and one of blade switch modules at the moment.


I’ve setup the switch via the serial and allocated an IP to I/F 256 as per the guide. I’ve connected port 21 on the switch to our cisco switch and setup the cisco port as 802.1q trunk.


I can access the switch directly or via the OA page and also the ILO on all the blades I’ve inserted so far (blades 1 > 5)


I’ve also installed vmware vsphere 4.1 on the 5x blades and given them an IP address ( in the same range as the management address) and the same gateway address as the OA and switch management ports.


I’m trying to setup port trunking but the guide just says to add the ports to a trunk group. I’ve tried adding just 21 & 22 and also 1-5 & 21-22 to trunk groups but cannot reach the vmware IP addresses at all.


I’ve had a look at another blade chassis with a gbe2c and that has routing options in the menu but ours doesn’t. The other switch also doesn’t have trunking setup just seems to be default settings yet it works.


OA management IP address             

Gbe2c management IP address       

Blades ILO addresses                            to

Vmware IP addresses                           to

Default gateway                                     

Subnet mask                                            


Cisco switch is a Catalyst 2950-24 and ports set to 802.1q trunk and all VLANs allowed


Thanks for any help you can provide.