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Proliant Support Pack

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Proliant Support Pack

I'm having all kinds of issues in trying to install the Proliant Support Pack (v8.15) for my HP BL25p (G1).

1) In trying to install the PSP using the "Smart" update manager, it always fails discovery.

2) I've installed from the command line, and it appears to work, but the logs don't really show anything other than a silent install.

3) Now the NIC config utility says that it cannot work because the drivers for the NIC's are below the level required. I went to the HP site, downloaded the last two versions (both above the version required), and double-click and select to install. Nothing happens. After a little while, I get a Windows error popup saying that cpqsetup.exe failed (and I see an event ID 1000 in the event logs saying essentially the same thing).

Here's why this is a problem. We've used Rapid Deployment (RDP) and come to rely on it. Recently they changed how RDP works, and the first step it does is to remove the PSP, and the last step in imaging is to reinstall the PSP. The job always fails, and I cannot image, or restore the image for a server.

The other problem is that I can't configure the NIC's using the configuration utility if the drivers won't install.

I've called before on this issue, and HP did not have any answers to why this is happening.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Proliant Support Pack


Try installing the PSP by running the bp??????.cmd file in an extracted PSP folder.

This shows in a command line window each component as it installs.
You can then see which component is not installing and concentrate on fixing that bit only.